Password interaction

Hey there,

Relatively new to articulate and I am currently building a quick Password Protection module.

I was wanting to build an interaction where the user has to read through our organisations password requirements, then type in a password of their choosing adhering to our requirements.

Is it possible to build some sort of interaction where their answer has to be x amount of characters long, including a capital letter, a number and a symbol?

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Ned Whiteley

Hi Tija,

I don't believe this will be possible just using variables and triggers, but may be achievable with a bit of JavaScript.

If, like me, you find JavaScript a bit of a black art, a simple solution within Storyline would be to end your module with a multiple response quiz question, where you provide several password options, some of which comply with your requirements and some which don't, and ask the users to select the passwords that comply.

If you want a more interactive solution, you could develop your own drag and drop with, for example, an in-tray for compliant and a waste bin for non-compliant. Your passwords could appear one at a time on a computer monitor on a desk and your users could decide where they need to be dragged to.

Hope this helps.