Pick Many Freeform: Is it possible to have feedback with the correct answers

Hello Community, 

I need to play an audio with 5 multiple choice questions. So I thought that perhaps the best way would be to use Pick Many Freeform. it works fine but when the student makes a mistake, the feedback shows that all the answers are incorrect and doesn't highlight the wrong ones. In an ideal world, there ought to be a tick and a cross near the answers so that the user can see his mistakes.

So is there a way around it? Variables? Or an extra layer?



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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi English, 

You could likely set it up with a Pick Many as well. I was only sharing that if you wanted separate questions all on the same slide, Storyline's built-in functionality only allows for one question and set of answers per slide. 

If you have an example of what you've set up or are looking to set up - you can always share that here with the community so that folks can take a look and offer advice.