PIck one pick many quiz: results page

Hi Guys,

I've built using the pick one pick many template a quiz question.  The submit buttons works if the correct ones are checked, but how to do I:

1) What 'if' statements do I need to insert (and where) so that I can put in a results page in to say well done, if they click the 3 options correctly?

2) What 'if' statements do I need to insert (and where!) to show a layer/slide if they click incorrectly.

Thanks for your help!


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Nicole Legault

Hi Zoe, 

If you go ahead and insert a new slide into your course, and then click "Conver to Freeform" from the Insert tab on the Storyline ribbon, your slide will automatically be converted to a working interaction with a Correct and Incorrect feedback layer.

Please check out this tutorial

Storyline 360 and Storyline 3: Creating Quizzes with Freeform Interactions

Jennifer Lyon

Hi NIcole,

Thanks for getting back to me.  I was able to create the freeform slide, however when I go into populate the choices I see this (see attached) and cannot see how to insert in my choices?

I was able to change the feedback responses which was good but, now need to know how to insert the choices.




Nicole Legault

Hi Jennifer, 

The problem is that you did not convert your existing slide with the objects already on it to a Freeform ;you converted a blank slide to Freeform. There are no choices because the slide you are on is completely blank/empty. Choices will only appear in Form View once there are objects on your slide. So either, add objects to the current slide you have selected (slide 1.5) or select another slide (such as slide 1.2 Quiz...) and convert THAT slide to a freeform. 

:) Hope this helps! You're almost there.