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Jeff Forrer

I am guessing that you may have audio on that first slide, if so this happens because of the browser.  I have gotten around it by adding a slide before my first one with time of .5 sec that jumps to the first slide right at end of timeline that is .5 sec, that way the browser does not detect audio on the first slide.  If you don't have audio, then I am not sure.

Jeff Forrer

Hello, per Phil's note, I should clarify/expand my response, my bad. 

In my case, I end up on a slide of audio where the user has to initiate the audio, see attachment, the user has to click buttons to initiate the audio once there (user initiates), so the autojump on first slide works in this case, to avoid a play button added by the browser which I don't want.

If the audio autoplays on your first slide, then what Phil mentioned is true, this behavior has changed a few times with browser changes.  In these cases I have added a blank slide with a PLAY or START button on them that the user clicks to go to your first slide with audio as Phil mentioned, which then the audio will play. 

Side note:  Interesting that this has to be a button or a click from the user vs. a rollover action by the user (i.e. hotspot the user rolls over) even though user initiated (Phil may know why that is ;0), thinking related again to the browser).


Phil Mayor

Browsers are a nightmare and now Google has a monopoly we will see more of this.

I find it funny Google started with Don’t be evil (Microsoft) and now they are worse.

Google only registers User initiated as a click which is a pain because in most instances hey clicked a url to load the course.

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