"Play media" trigger not working properly on the second visit

Hi everyone!

I have this project with many small videos and some slides here and there where I added a cute play button on top of the video on which I added the trigger "Play Media" "When user clicks playBtn" which is working fine the first time the user clicks on it. There's also a change state of playBtn state to hidden while the video is playing.

Then at the end of the video, I added a trigger "change state of" playBtn back to Normal "when media X completes". All of this is working fine.

The problem we have (and also our client!) is the second time you want to "play media"... The video starts anywhere but at the beginning. It's really random. 

We are using Storyline 2, but I also tested the output of the Storyline 360 and the result is the same. I came to the conclusion that the problem is probably only on the Flash version of the output... because we don't have this issue on a tablet or when running the HTML5 version of the project in a browser on a PC.

Anyone else ever experienced this? And if so, did you happen to find a solution? I am looking for a solution since a few days and can't seem to be able to figure it out on my own. :(

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Cynthia Paré

Hi Wendy,

We are testing it online yes, not locally. The problem happens on every computer I tested it and on our client side. 

The video won't start from the beginning the second time (or third, etc) we click on the button with the Play Media trigger.

I'm attaching to this message 1 slide of my project where the trigger doesn't work properly.

Thank you.

Wendy Farmer

Hi Cynthia

I've published and uploaded your file to Articulate tempshare and I'm not seeing a 'play media' button other than the ones directly on each video clip.  With the small videos I can replay them as many times as I want - so not sure of the issue or perhaps I misundertand you. 

Here is the link to the uploaded file on Tempshare so you can test 

Cynthia Paré

Hey Wendy!

The play button is always the same and reappears at the end of the video.

When you reclick on it, while the course runs the Flash version, the video doesn't start from the beginning, even in what I see on your link. It "plays" again, but you don't see the full movement.

Per example, the first one on the left, the first time he starts with his arm down, then lift it and then take it down again. But then when the play button reappears, you click on it, and see the arm already lift up... Not the beginning.

Do you see what I see?

Thanks for your help!

Cynthia Paré

Hi everyone!

Finally I found out what was causing the issue. Storyline had problems handling our videos because they didn't have audio (we remove the audio from the file when we encoded them in Media Encoder, because we didn't need it).
As soon as we reencoded our video WITH audio, the videos started working properly when we hit the Play button for a second time. 

Hope it might help someone!

Lizzie Angell

Have a big problem! Need help ASAP - have a whole load of courses all the same built for a client, and they have a screen that uses the 'when media completes' trigger - this has suddenly stopped working!

We delivered 20 courses with it working, and now with the next ones due  it has stopped working! - It does not work in preview mode or in the 360 Review tool!!!!!!! 

Leslie McKerchie

Oh no Lizzie,

Does the course work as intended once published in the intended environment. We have an issue reported for the 'when media completes' trigger that is only happening in Preview.

If you need a workaround, the recommendation is to use cuepoints or 'when timeline reaches' instead.

Let me know about the preview vs publish so that I can get this thread added to the report. We are tracking user impact and want to be able to update you here when we can. 

Lizzie Angell

We have a project for a client which is budgeted, we have designed and built the project already, with 20 different versions, these are already signed off with out any issues, we are now working on some localisations, and the issue has only just occured. 

I have to ask are you going to pay us to work the time adjusting multiple courses to work differently because your tool has suddenly stopped working? 

It makes me wonder why we are paying a subscription service.

As it stands we need to deliver to the client for them to review, we have delivered 20 courses in the review tool enabling them to easily comment and spot mistakes, if this is now not working again what are we paying a large subscription fee for?

At the moment we are concerned with the Review tool, we have not got as far as testing a full publish as we have got stuck at this point with the client.

I will update further about the publish, but suggest that a fix is found for the review tool in the mean time.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Lizzie,

I'd love to help, but I'm going to need a bit more information from you. 

It sounds like your courses which are set up with the "when media completes" trigger recently stopped working while viewing them in Review? That is different than what Leslie shared, where the courses weren't playing back in the Storyline Preview correctly only if they had that trigger, and that issue is something were working on a fix for. So let's figure out what you've run into! 

First, can you answer the following questions for me? 

  • Are you on the latest update of Storyline 360, ver v3.12.14647.0?
    You can check this by going to the Help tab -> About Articulate Storyline, and you'll see a pop up with the version number in the bottom right corner
  • What browser(s) are you viewing the course in? Do you know which version of the browser(s) as well? 
  • Are you able to replicate the same behavior your client saw?
  • What is the additional action associated with your "when media completes" trigger?
  • Can you include the Review Share link here? Also, I'd love to see a copy of your .story file too (You can upload it here using the Add Attachment button) and that way I can take a look at all your triggers and slide elements.

That'll help me dig into what's happening and work to find a resolution for you! 

Lizzie Angell

Storyline: v3.12.14647.0

We have tried in Chrome and IE. versions:

Chrome: Version 63.0.3239.132 (Official Build) (64-bit)

IE: Version 11.192.16299.0 Update version 11.0.50

We have not been able to send this to the client as we have not been able to get this working in the preview and review tools. 

The trigger we are using is 'When media completes show layer xxxxx' where the xxxx's represent the layer name. This is used to create a 'fake' media player, with up to 40 pieces of audio on different layers, all using this trigger.

I can not include the Review share link here as, as I said it is client work. And again I can not share the file with you as it is client work.   

Alyssa Gomez

Thanks for those details, Lizzie. The issue you're describing sounds very similar to the bug Ashley mentioned. The only difference is, the bug doesn't happen in Articulate Review.

I understand you'd also rather not share your file, but since it's the best way for us to demonstrate the problem and document a defect, we'd happily accept a .story project shared here privately if you change your mind. You could also create a copy of your file, remove the proprietary information, and send us the copy instead of the original.