Playing an audio clip through the entire project when publishing as a Video

Hi there. I have a SL360 project that I am publishing as a video (mp4). I want a song to play throughout the entire video (it will have to loop once because the video is about 30 seconds longer than the song). I found out how to make an audio loop on a published course by adding HTML/Java code somewhere, but when I publish as a video I only get the mp4 file - no where to add any code. So here's what I have  -  a 2 1/2 minute video with 7 slides and a 2-minute song. I want the song to play from start to finish and then re-play for the last 30 seconds. Right now I have cut the song up in sections (one section on each slide) so that the parts play in order but the silence gap of 1/2 - 1 second between slides makes the audio sound bad. Not to mention my slides are quite short - five to fifteen seconds. So the starting and stopping of the song doesn't work well. Any ideas? Thanks.

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Kristin Koeleman

Yes, I did try that. I added the audio to Camtasia but it greatly reduced
the quality of the SL video.
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