PowerPoint export as GIF into Storyline

Quick question - has anyone been able to export a simple slide animation from PowerPoint (saving it as a GIF) and importing into SL? I can import the GIF and it plays as expected in Rise, but doesn't animate in SL 360. I know I can use other tools to do this but since it's working for Rise, wanted to know if there is some limitation in SL I'm not aware of in interpreting PPT generated GIF files. I tried the 24fps and the 15fps export options from PPT but neither works in SL.





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Matthew Bibby

Animated GIFs normally work in SL (well, they play, although some settings aren't respected).

I've never tried with GIFs from PowerPoint, so not sure what's going on there.

Maybe you could record a video of the animation in PPT and convert that to GIF? I use SnagIt for this kind of task often and the GIFs it generates are great.

Stephanie Harnett

Thanks Matt. The idea is to leverage PPT's export to gif feature so that you don't have to go to video and/or then convert to a gif. Given that the PPT generated gif works in Rise and plays back in Windows as expected, it seems this is SL specific. I'll send in a sample for the support team to look at.