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Being new to Storyline, I'm still in the process of trying, testing & failing :)

I found this interesting (https://community.articulate.com/download/powerpoint-interactive-tabs-with-pointer) topic that I am trying to use since I have a lot of photos + text  to explain in a course. However, when I add extra segments to the ppt. and I import it in SL the actions/triggers(?) do not work anymore for the additionally added segments. When I look at it slide by slide in SL, the actions/triggers do look the same.

Do I need to do something in ppt first?

Thank you from a newbie (but enthusiastic  about SL)


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Alyssa Gomez

Hi Katleen, nice to meet you! 👋 You came to the right place for help!

Since this is a PowerPoint file that you're importing into Storyline, I'd like to double-check your Storyline triggers.

Would you mind sharing the Storyline file with me? You can attach it in a new reply. I'll take a look and then create a quick video to explain how to fix the error.

I'll be standing by!

Crystal Horn

Hi there, Katleen.  I looked at your file - looking great so far!  These are the two issues I could spot:

  1. Slide 1.3 didn't have a way to navigate to the next slide using the Next button on the player.  I noticed a "copy" layer that included a custom button on the slide with a trigger to go to the next slide, but I don't think that layer ever shows for the learner.

    The fix would be either to add a trigger for the Next button to this slide, or to copy that custom button to your base layer so learners can advance.
  2. The Mondproblemen series of beautiful dental issues (haha 😊) uses a slide master layout.  It looks good, except at Parodontitis, the tabs stop working.  I looked at the master, and the rest of the tabs keep pointing to slide 1.18 rather than the next slides. 

    You can fix that in the slide master layout, and then it should work when you preview.

Let me know if you're having any other issues, and I'll investigate!