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Raj S

HI Tiffany

Tried to upload the build in any LMS and test it or just run through a wamp server because some functions will not run in your local system. you can also add flash global settings to solve the issue.



Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Tiffany,

Glad that the print function worked out for you. There isn't an option to change what is included in the file, although you could look at modifying the report.html file as that is where the information is stored. I'll defer to the community on how to accomplish that as we don't support modifications to the published output. 

Tiffany You

Thanks Sinchu.

I have looked at your Javascript. However, I have never learned Javascripts before, it is hard for me to understand.

As I only need the Name and the final score, I decide not to use the Print function, but to use the Result Page. The name was set as a data entry in my first slide before test starts, and a reference was created in my Result Page.

As our HR department wants to track the results of each learner, is there a way to send the Result Page to HR department. The only way I can think of is when the learner finished the quiz, he can Print a screenshot of the result page, and send this screenshot to HR department via email. I have added a "Send email to" trigger. When it promts the email, just paste that screenshot in the email body. It would be much better if the system can automatically place that result page into the email body.

Anyone can think of other way for HR department to track the results?