Problem with trigger and conditional formatting working in Storyline 3 - Assistance Appreciated!

I have a compliance course with six scenes (each representing a separate module). The last slide for each scene has a button to click that returns the end user to the main menu. I created a number variable and added a trigger on each of these scene slides to add 1 to course. The counter is properly working and once all six slides triggers have been clicked the counter turns to 6. However, on the main menu slide, the final trigger to change the state of the "click here to complete" button to lead users to the final course completion slide is set to change from hidden to normal when the variable changes to equal 6. I can’t figure out where I am going wrong and why the state of this object won't work after the condition is met.

Any assistance is appreciated!  I attached a few screen shots if that helps!


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Diane Fallier

The condition of your trigger is when courseCompletion changes but it doesn't change on the menu slide. Change this to when timeline starts.

A problem will occur if a student visits a module more than once in your current scenario. I don't know if that is possible with the design of your course.