Problems with Publishing - Extreamly Slow & Freezes, Crashes

I am working with Storyline 2 and I am publishing some large files.  When I go to publish them Storyline 2 is freezing up and then I have to shut the program down and restart and try again to publish a course.  Any suggestions from Support?  I've already spoken with my company's IT Dept and they suggested I reach out here.  They said it's not my computer and it has to be the program (storyline 2.).  Big project trying to get done.  This is causing lots of lost time. 



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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Denise,

What update of Storyline 2 are you using? We're now on Update 4. Also you'll want to make sure you're working on local project files as described here and publishing as well to a local drive with a short file path and a file name that doesn't include special characters, accents, etc. 

You may also want to look at going through the repair of Storyline, and I'd also try publishing with other programs closed to see if that could be interfering with the overall memory.