Progress Bar based on right and wrong answers

I am trying to build a progress bar which is just images which change based on whether answers are correct or incorrect. I turn variables to 'true' dependent on whether the answer is correct or not. If certain combinations of variables are true then a particular (progress bar) image is shown. This works really well with groups of three questions but I have come to a point where advancing to a fourth question is creating too many variables and I can't even get the entry screen on my fourth question to show the correct progress bar based on what the student achieved in the first 3 questions. I dread to think what will happen on question 5 and beyond. I wondered if there was a way to tell Q4 what image to show based on what happened at the end of Q3 without having to use the multiple variable triggers. I've attached a copy of the section I'm working on. Everything works fine until Slide 1.12....

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Kirsti Harris

I'm not sure if this will solve your problem, but have you thought about using a numeric variable set up instead of true/false and the combos you've laid out in the change state triggers?  So correct answers add 1 to the variable (I'm calling it "score"), and the different progress bar images are triggered based on the value of score?  That way each slide could have the same triggers (show picture 1 if score = 1, show picture 2 if score = 2, etc.).  It might make the programming easier.