Publish so we can launch from a web page


Is it possible to publish a module made in Storyline so it can be launched from a webpage?  What does that process look like?

I am looking at maybe moving away from Moodle and over to 10xPro.

If I publish in TinCan API, is there a way to track a Storyline created quiz with some sort of external tool?  10xPro has quizzes but we need some features that aren't part of 10xPro.  

What are your thoughts?




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Brian Allen

Here you go, publish for web distribution:

You can also see a complete listing of Storyline tutorials covering nearly every feature here -

As far as tin can tracking outside an LMS, you'd still need some sort of LRS for the results to be sent to. Essentially if you need to track results your best options are LMS or LRS, depending on your preference.