Published Storyline 360 (CD) version not loading

I have recently updated all of our previous Storyline 2 courses to Articulate/Storyline 360 and re-published them to the "CD version".  We store these on our server and ask people to copy/paste (the ENTIRE folder) from the file server to their local desktop to run/play (or burn to CD).  We are located in 15 states and this is the easiest way to get the trainings to people until we can get an LMS running. 

Unfortunately, getting them to run is hit or miss.   I have confirmed that they are downloading the correct folder, all of the contents, and double-clicking on Launch_Story.exe.  The general feedback is that it just won't load.  Or it will run one or two slides and then won't continue to load.  (It always works for me.)

I have asked people to reboot and re-copy/paste the training and retry.  Eventually, after multiple tries, they can get through the trainings, but for a 10-course training, this is getting frustrating for the end users and myself because I don't know what else to try.  Any suggestions are welcome, please!  Thanks.

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