Publishing storyline 3 for offline tablet use

I want to publish modules in such a way that will allow them to be viewed offline on an Android tablet.

I can see tutorials for doing this on Storyline 3:

However, I do not see any “Formats” menu options (as indicated by step 1 on the link), or any options for mobile devices, when I try to publish (see screenshot attached).


Can anybody advise why I'm not seeing these options? 

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Michelle M

I'll put this here as you may have experience with the issue....


I have published a tester module as advised my the link above and saved all the outputs onto my google drive, so I can access from my phone.

I've downloaded the Articulate Mobile Player onto my google nexus 5. However when I open it I just see....a black screen. 

Has anybody had this problem with the Mobile Player?

Michelle M

Thanks Phil. I'm pretty ignorant about webhosting, I thought having the published storyfiles and all their associated bits and pieces on my google drive would be sufficient, since I can then access and download these on a mobile device. But since it's not waking up the Articulate mobile player I'm guessing not!

For the record when I click the html5 output my phone does present me with a rather hopeful "loading" screen, but it never goes anywhere.


Michelle M

I came across that very solution at the same moment - I didn't know about articulate tempshare but some googling pointed me towards it.

It did allow me to host the content. I accessed it from my phone and it did indeed wake up the articulate mobile player. However I saw the first slide of the content before getting the black screen again. 

Anybody from Articulate want to chip in? Is there any support for what seems to be a common bug (based on other threads I've seen?)

Thanks for your help Phil.