Question Bank - three attempts

Hi Heroes! 


I'm creating an assessment from an imported question bank. 


I'd like the learners to get an immediate response to each question before the results screen appears with their scores.


This part is working fine, but now I'm unsure how to set my assessment to only allow three attempts at the random ten questions. 


Please would one of you Heroes be able to suggest where this function is?  Can it be used if I've set the quiz to provide feedback after each question?


Your help will be gratefully received! 



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Joanna Kurpiewska

You probably have final/result slide for your assessment. Create a variable e.g. quizAttempts and set it to 0. 

Add a trigger on this slide: +1 to quizAttempts when timeline of the slide starts. Then add another trigger to your button linking to the assessment: change the state of the button to disabled when quizAttempts=3.

This should work - I used this solutions several times in some projects :)