question on individual vs. teams plans for Articulate 360

I consult with someone who is considering purchasing Articulate 360. She has been working with a sales rep who is telling her she must purchase a Teams plan because she has her own business. She is a sole proprietor. She has no team and wouldn't ever use any of the Team features. Have others had this issue with purchasing Articulate 360? This seems really odd and I can't see anything in the Terms of Service that would require a Teams plan for a sole proprietor. Thanks for any info on this!

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Chip Ritter

Hi Mary, Thanks for reaching out about this. I'm sorry about any misunderstanding or miscommunication about the differences between Personal and Teams subscriptions. Based on what you've provided here, it sounds like a Personal Plan would be a good fit.

The only time we strongly recommend that an individual user purchase a Teams plan is when that customer's employer is purchasing the subscription on their behalf. In that case, the company may wish to claim ownership of the work and we can accomplish that by transferring the subscription to a new owner; something we're unable to do with Personal Plans. As a sole proprietor, this doesn't apply.

After that, it comes down to the features exclusive to Teams plans. If she doesn't feel they add value she should purchase the plan that best meets her needs. I hope that helps.

Melinda Marasch

Hi, thanks, Mary Beth for asking the question for me; I never thought to do so.

I've been told that if I purchase a Personal Plan, I can't sell the online trainings, especially as my company, Aspire Training & Consulting. Is that true? I don't need the teams features as a single person/user. I just want to ensure that I'm following the rules. And that I get the best price; COVID has has caused significant hardship on my company. Every cent matters more than ever.

Kari Mager

Hi Melinda, I'll follow up with you on email but did want to let you know that regardless of the Articulate 360 plan you subscribe to, you own the rights to all content you create with Articulate. You may post it to any website or LMS, distribute it to any audience, and charge learners’ a fee to access it.