Quiz not marking correctly

Hi everyone.

Fingers crossed someone may be able to provide a little help or advice.

I have a quiz which is 20 multiple choice questions at the end of a course. When we review the course and test run it all seems fine. However as soon as it goes live and trainees complete the course and quiz something strange happens.

When the user reviews the quiz because the result slide shows a fail mark, the questions shown as incorrect are actually correct (the radio button has been correctly selected).

I cant seem to see why it would be marking as incorrect and scoring incorrect even when the users has selected the correct answer.

Now this course is undertaken by around 250 every week, but just a small number of people are effected, so the issue is sporadic.

I have attached two screen shots of two questions answered correctly but marked incorrect.

Anyone have any ideas or experienced anything similar?

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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Adam,

If it's only happening to a small subset of learners, I'd look first for any commonalities within their environments:

  • Are they using the same browser and version?
  • When they leave the course how are they exiting? Shutting down the browser or using an exit course link? 
  • Are they exiting prior to reaching a results slide?

Within the course itself, you could check that the slides are set to "Resume saved state" within the slide properties.

Let us know if that sheds any light on the issue! 

Adam Kenworthy

Hi Ashley,

Thanks for responding.

They are all using Chrome as the default browser.

Users will click on a exit button which is on the results slide, this exits the course back to the course page on the LMS.

They will not exit prior to the result slide as the result slide must be viewed by the instructor to confirm the pass mark.

With regards to the slides being set to 'Resume saved state' this is where we have some complexity. Maybe I should of mentioned this in my first post.

Basically when the learner logs in to our LMS (Moodle/Totara) which is on average 25 learners a sitting,  they use a generic shared login, I wont go into detail why, but it is something we have to do. So the course itself under Player settings is set  to 'Force new attempt' and in the LMS course page settings for the SCORM it is set to 'Never Resume so the learners using the generic login will always start at the beginning. So if the slides are set to resume saved state does this only save that state for that learners single session or would it impact other users login into the course at a later time?

I think I may bite the bullet in the meantime and rebuild the quiz from scratch and see what happens, but I am still very interested to learn if these errors are something which I have missed.

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Adam,

"Resume saved state" as a slide property would only refer to that session, or if the learner was resuming a session (which you've disabled).

The generic login is concerning to me though...is there any way that learners could not be fully logging out or closing down their session so that another learner is seeing an earlier attempt? Have you noticed any consistency about the learners running into this on the later sessions? Are they all on shared computers too? It could help to have those learners try out incognito mode within Chrome. Are all the learners in each setting using the same login? If so, that could be overwriting the other learner's attempts or causing the odd behavior!  

I'd hate for you to have to rebuild if it's only a handful of users, that's a pretty good indication that the course as a whole is correct...but something is being tripped up in how they access it. 

Adam Kenworthy

Hi Ashley,

Thank you for your continued support, I am no IT expert and still learning many technical elements with Articulate and its interactions with LMS.

Yes the learners use shared computers. Example they would attend our computer training room and each login in to a PC using a generic shared PC login (not the same username and password for the LMS). Once logged in they would navigate to the LMS through Chrome and login in with the generic login.

With the the SL Quiz and the LMS settings both set to never resume I first thought this would prevent issues like this. But as you have said maybe this is not the case.

We could not use incognito on company PCs under our Information Security policies.

Here is a thought, and not sure if you can answer or someone may be able to:

With average of 25 learners located in training academy A and a further 25 in Training Academy B all login in to a PC with the same PC login details and then using Chrome to access the LMS could cookies and temp files/data collected by Chrome each time this is done start to conflict with the SCORM each time it is launched from the LMS?

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Adam,

Wow - that's a lot of sharing logins! Does your IT security policy allow for that? I'd be shocked if so, and Incognito mode is blocked. 

Using the same computer, same user profile, browser, and the same LMS login will mean that the browser and/or LMS cache and history aren't reset. Each time a learner accesses the course, if they're using the same LMS login, the LMS is assuming it's the same learner. This would explain why some learners are running into tracking issues. 

Could you or the other proctors reset the browser or LMS cache and history between seatings so that way learners are guaranteed a fresh attempt? That option, incognito mode, or separate LMS logins will be the only ways to ensure that learners don't run into tracking issues based on the previous attempts of their peers. 

Adam Kenworthy

Hi Ashley,

Hope you had a good weekend.

Yes we are able to use a generic PC login as it has minimal access permissions.

I will start deleting completion data within the LMS course page to see if that help, and following your advice we will look at setting up incognito. Fingers crossed we see an improvement.

Thanks again for you help on this.