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Hello all!

I wonder if there's a way to address this: user gets a random quiz question from the bank (pick one). User selects the answer. SL submits the answer and sends the user to a sidelayer with feedback. 

So far so good. If the user clicks the button to move on to the next question we're good.

But... if the clever user sees the incorrect feedback and refreshes the browser (F5) the quiz slides resumes (set to automatic resume) but not to the feedback layer. Back to the question. Now the user can select another option (even if 1 trial was set). Is this just not working for me? Or is it a problem?

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Zsolt Olah

Made a very simple version. One only question and a result slide.

1. Publish it to an LMS.

2. Launch the course. 

3. Select Incorrect. You'll see the feedback.

4. Without clicking on the Continue, refresh the screen. (F5 on PC)

5. Launch the course again. 

6. For me, the question comes back again and now I can select the Correct answer.

Lauren Connelly

Hi Zsolt!

I see the same behavior when I follow the steps you've listed out above. However, when you import the course into an LMS then you won't see an option to refresh the page.

For example, I've uploaded the course to SCORM cloud and tried to refresh the page. Since the course is displayed without any browser navigation buttons, the webpage doesn't refresh when pressing F5. 

I've recorded my testing which you can find here. If you want to test the link from SCORM Cloud, visit this link.

Please let me know if you have additional questions!

Zsolt Olah

Hi Lauren,

Thank you for the reply! I tested the link in Scormcloud. It launches in a navigation-free browser window and using Chrome at least you can press F5 (or just simply close the popup). It closes the window rather than refreshing it but when we relaunch the course you get back to the question and you can change your answer.

Sam Hill

I should have mentioned, my test was also in SCORM Cloud. Regardless, you can always answer the question, get it incorrect, close the browser window, relaunch and answer the question correctly on the second attempt. There is another thread open with this same issue: https://community.articulate.com/discussions/articulate-storyline/how-can-we-prevent-the-user-from-changing-his-answer

I think the user may have raised a case. Not 100% on that though, but it does seem bug like to me. The question should be resuming a saved state. 

think it may be because the slide navigation (slide to slide) it what triggers updating suspend_data on the LMS. I think they need to look at changing this in future releases. I understand they may want to be limiting data transactions with the LMS, but its essential the data is updated when a question is responded to.

Lauren Connelly

Hello Zsolt!

Unfortunately, I do not see the same outcome on my end. When I press F5 in the navigation-free browser, I can't refresh the page. Also, when I relaunch the course, it only shows the results slide, and I have the option to review the quiz.

It sounds like you do not see these restrictions on your end. Are you able to share a screen recording of what you're seeing? Here's what I'm seeing.

Leslie McKerchie

Thanks for the continual push Zsolt and Sam.

I am able to replicate the behavior you are sharing and thank you for sharing the link to the similar conversation Sam.

It looks like the question is getting reported to the Result Slide, but it's the resume behavior that is causing the issue. A slide is not considered 'visited' until you move on to the next slide. The feedback is a layer on the slide.

The instance of this happening would hopefully be rare, but if you'd like to prevent any opportunity you have a couple of options:

  1. Adjust the resume behavior to 'Never Resume'. This will make users re-start if they close out of the course, but would prevent any single question adjustments. Unfortunately, this also would allow a complete re-taking of the course.
  2. Disable the feedback by question. This will allow the user to continue as they do not know if they are getting the content right or wrong until they reach the result slide.
Zsolt Olah

Hi Leslie!

Thank you for getting back to me. We ended up with a third option because we had to resume and wanted to give feedback. 

The third option is to use a lightbox slide to display some information or feedback. Triggering the lightbox on the correct or incorrect layer actually saves the data to the LMS. 

(I also used this trick on a project where there was a timer for the test that had to run even if the user closed the course but it is more of a hack as we used CSS to completely hide the lightbox. The only reason the lightbox was triggered periodically is to save the timer data to the LMS even if the user is sitting on the same slide.)