Quiz wanted: no feedback first time through, only missed questions on retry

I need to show that I can make a quiz with the following provisions:

• First time through, no feedback.
• Subsequent times through (unlimited) – feedback on each question
• Allow users to retry missed questions, even if they’ve passed the 80% correct mark.

My test quiz has 8 questions, some each of true/false, multiple choice and multiple answer.  I have created these variables:

• A true/false variable for each question; set to True if correct
• A counter variable for number of tries. This turns off the response layers if NumberOfTries=1

I have tried some of the suggestions from the board, but I keep running into the same problem: I can't re-answer a question on the second try.  Any suggestions  are greatly appreciated. :)

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Matthew,

In regards to your retry - do you have a trigger on the results slide retry button to "reset results"? That'll allow the user to be brought back to the start and they'll have to answer all the questions again to go through the score. Here's a much older thread on how to retry only those that they answered incorrectly, but that should help if you'd prefer that set up. 

Chris Curry

You could try separating it into two quizzes (one without feedback and one with feedback). Have a variable that detects if the user has gone through the quiz already. If they haven't, send them to quiz 1 (no feedback). If the user has been thought it once, send them to quiz 2 (with feedback, unlimited retries).

Chris Curry

In this scenario you'd only want to track the score of the quiz with no feedback and only one attempt. Otherwise, if you can just keep retaking the quiz with feedback, everyone will get 100%. So you'd just tie the results slide to the first quiz. I guess it just depends on if you want the user to have the ability to change their score while in the course as opposed to resetting the record and having them re-take the course.

Matthew Wolf

Thanks for your suggestions. I have tried the two quiz solution, but I can't track to a single results slide. I have tried counting correct answers against total questions, but that does not work since I can't edit the Results Slide variables. The Retry Quiz function resets all the answers, so that doesn't work either.