Quiz with different grading/scoring

How can I assign different points for each answer in a multiple choice question and calculate the total score? Would be like some personality quiz where depending on the choices you make you get a different score range and thus a personal outcome (eg. first question A = 40 points, B= 30 points .. and for the next question A could be 10 points and B 40, you get it...) It will be something with variables, but I don't fully understand that yet. Can someone point me to a good read/tutorial or has anyone a template to share?

I thought I found an answer her https://community.articulate.com/articles/articulate-storyline-360-user-guide-how-to-assign-a-score-to-graded-questions but in fact it isn't. You still have to tell whether a choice is a good or a bad answer. So if anyone can help me out, here...

Thank you very much


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Judy Nollet

Hi, Erik,

You said it: "It will be something with variables." It's well worth your time to learn about variables, because they provide a lot of the power in Storyline.

Here's the definition from a Storyline Glossary I created: 

To do what you want, you would create a number variable. Then add triggers with conditions that add a given value to the variable based on what item was selected. The attached file provides an example.

Check Articulate's User Guide for more info about conditions and variables: 



And, in case you're interested, here's the page that links to my Unofficial Storyline Glossary: