Radio Buttons not being read by screen reader

Hello there. I have an issue with regards to the screen reader reading the radio buttons on a multiple choice slide. The screen reader fails to read whether or not the user made a selection. It continues to read "not checked" even on the selected answers. I have used all platforms (i.e Mozilla, Chrome) along with Jaws and NVDA.  I am using Windows 10, JAWS 18, and published the scorm file as HTML 5 using Articulate 360. I am currently testing it using ScormCloud. They all read each selection as "The answer" + radio button not checked. Would love to see a solution to this.. thanks..

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Raf Dolanowski

I am seeing the same issue. I have created buttons using shapes, the native "button" feature, the native checkbox feature and the native radio-button feature.
In all cases either JAWS nor Thunder read selected states.
Even when I group buttons together, they are read out as "not selected".
I have followed the link to the "similar question", but is a separate issue and doesn't really address screenreader and alt text.
Any thoughts/updates?

I'm using Windows 10, SL360 (Up to date) and the latest versions of JAWS and Thunder.