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Katie Riggio

Hello John. Great question!

When inserting a screen recording as step-by-step slides (i.e., View Mode, Try Mode, or Test Mode), recorded audio won't be used. Step-by-step slides display only the action-related video clips from your screencast.

Your audio will still be available in the original screen recording if you need to insert it as a video on a single slide.

John Glasgow

Hi Katie

I did consider recording snippets directly on each slide, however based on my previous recordings I am not sure I want to go there, as the audio quality is not very good in Articulate.

...and recently I found that what sounded like a reasonable audio clip when first recorded upon later review it appears to have deteriorated both in volume and quality!  

Having used a Rode Podcast professional level mic I would have expected better quality audio.  Now I am left wondering if there is something preprogramed in the software to reduce all the audio to the lowest common denominator in terms of audio quality? 

Ren Gomez

Hi John,

Apologies for the misunderstanding there! Storyline 3 cannot uncompress audio, as that feature is only available in Storyline 360 update 33 and above.

As the article mentions, only imported .mp3 files can be uncompressed:

Only MP3 files can be uncompressed in Storyline. The compression setting is grayed out for all other audio formats and narration that you recorded in Storyline.