Replay button does not work when the slide/layer is set to "Resume Saved State"

Hello all,

I have several slides in my course where I need to set the slide or layer as to "Resume Saved State" in order to make certain interactions happen. For example, in the attached sample file, I want to make sure that learners will click on all four buttons (Revenue Ledger, Expense Ledger, Balance Report, and General Ledger) before they can click on "Next". In order to achieve this, the slide needs to be set as "Resume Saved State". 

However, as I found in these discussion threads, when you set a slide or layer to "Resume Saved State", the Replay and Pause button will not work:

I do know that you could use the seek bar to manually drag to the beginning in order to restart. However, it is not the most intuitive way to do it. 

I also know that people said you could disable the replay button, but then you will have to disable the seek bar and the pause button, which is not a favorable solution. 

So my question is: if all I need to restart is actually only the audio on the slide/layer, is there anyway to disable the default articulate storyline seek bar and a replay button, and place a customized one that only controls the play and replay of the audio?

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Veronica Budnikas

Hi Maggie, 

If all you want to do is remove the seekbar and the play button, you can do this through the slide properties (the little gear box on the bottom right slide layers panel), like so:


Does that help you? Them, you can add a custom button to play the audio.

Cheers, Veronica

Maggie Hu

Hello Veronica and Christie,

Thanks for the response -- I am aware of the option of removing the seek bar and replay. However my clients want them there- they want the learners to be able to click on replay and pause anytime in the course. 

I have attached my file in the original post. Can you please help?



Veronica Budnikas

Hmm, I see. I don't think there is a way to 'disable' the seekbar as such, it's either there or not, and if it's there it is not disabled. 

So can you remove the seekbar altogether and just use a custom play/pause button for the audio? Does your client want the seekbar specifically, or just the ability to play/pause audio?