Reporting Quiz Results to LMS

Hello everyone!  I created a 20 question quiz (with results page) in Articulate 360.  I tested it in the SCORM Cloud and it worked perfectly.  The department head I am creating the test for wants only one attempt at the quiz, so I removed the "retake" button and set the "resume" function on each slide to resume saved state.  When I publish to our LMS (the bolt-on LMS available with the Paycom payroll service) it does not report failed scores, and I can re-take the test by clicking "Start" in the LMS...and here's the next problem, when I attempt a re-take it starts me two questions from the end of the quiz (which I am able to answer).  I'm not getting any support from Paycom on this so I'm hoping someone here can offer advice.  Thanks in advance!

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Shane Stephens

Mr. Allen, 

Yes, I'm using the Completed / Failed reporting (as that is how Paycom's LMS reports).  It is from the LMS side, I just uploaded the program into a different LMS (Litmos) and it works perfectly.  I believe there is a disconnect between the reporting from Storyline 360 and Paycom. 

I've not looked into forums for Paycom users; I spend about 40% of my day dealing with them and problems with their bolted-on LMS, and I think I may go mad should I investigate that!


Brian Allen

Unfortunately not all LMS systems are created equal.. if your content works in both SCORM cloud and Litmos I agree with you, the problem is on the Paycom side of things.

You may be able to find out if you should be publishing to a specific protocol for Paycom (or just try a couple).

For example, Paycom may only support SCORM 1.2. 

If it were me I might try publishing a few different versions (SCORM 1.2, SCORM 2004 2nd, 3rd and 4th edition) and see if any of them work better than the others.

Shane Stephens

Mr. Allen,

I agree completely, but the LMS is a can of worms that would be inappropriate to open here... I have a request in to Paycom asking about preferred format- even though their user manual says they accept a variety of formats, looking through the forums here I saw a number of people who had to change format to get their quizzes to report correctly.  I'll wait to hear back from them, and then test their recommendation. If that doesn't work then I'll test other formats.

Thank you!