Reporting to LearnDash LMS

I am having a very difficult time reporting a course completion status to our LearnDash LMS. I think the problem may be with the Storyline publish settings for LMS. I am using Tin Can reporting and I think the problem may be with the Launch URL setting in Storyline. I was reading some of the documentation on this, but not sure I know what to fill in there. It fills in with story.html automatically, but I think that may be why it is not reporting the completion status to the LMS correctcly. Any idea if I am correct or where to get the information to correctly fill in the Launch URL?

Or is there some other possible reason why it is not correctly reporting course completion information to the LMS. Right now I am setting course completion as a completion trigger when the timeline starts on the final page of the course. 

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Ren Gomez

Hi Whitney,

Thanks for reaching out! If you're using Tin Can reporting, then story.html is the correct launch file for an LMS and should report the information correctly.

Take a look at the article above and also consider changing your Reporting and Tracking option to see if it helps with the completion status. SCORM Cloud is also a good tool for checking to see if it reports correctly in a different environment!