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Steve Andrews

Thanks Dipti. I don't think I explained it properly.

The problem I have is that I want users to be able to retake a quiz. So I've created a "retake quiz" button that links to the start of my quiz.

I've also set the question slide properties to "Reset to initial state" - otherwise when you revisit them, the previous answers are displayed.

This all works fine on a desktop but not on HTML5 output on iPads. On iPad the quiz scores aren't reported back to the LMS, plus the results slide says I scored "0", even if I get all the questions correct.

Steve Andrews

Hi folks, thanks for all the replies and thanks for the source file Dipti.

I've checked and I'm using Storyline V3.

When I publish the source file Dipti provided, it works as expected on PC but HTML5 output on iPad isn't working. I can retake the quiz but it's impossible to pass the quiz.

If I answer one of the two questions correctly the results slide shows 0%. If i answer both questions correctly it says 50%.

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Steven! 

Note these important facts about mobile output:

  • Tracking in the Articulate Mobile Player is only supported in learning management systems that support the Tin Can API  specification.
  • If your LMS doesn't yet support Tin Can API and you need to track learners’ results, don't include the Articulate Mobile Player option when publishing (see the next section for details). Learners will need to view your course in a browser that supports Flash or HTML5, so it can communicate results to your LMS.
  • If your LMS doesn’t support Tin Can API but you don’t need tracking, you might still be able to deploy your content via your LMS for viewing in the Articulate Mobile Player. However, not all LMSs allow content to be viewed on a mobile app, so you’ll need to test this with your own LMS to confirm.
Steve Andrews

Hi folks

Thanks again for the responses. The solution was to use 'automatically decide' on the question slides, then turn on the 'Retry Quiz' option on the results slide.

An alternative is to create your own retry quiz button and add the 'Reset results' trigger to it - along with a trigger that takes users to question 1 - which does the same thing.

Tom Lunzer

Just a little tip (WARNING) , do NOT add a Reset results trigger "when timeline starts". It will work fine on a PC (desktop) but will cause a laptop to display a blank screen when the user gets to that slide.  I was told by support that the Reset results trigger is ONLY for use on Retry Quiz button. I quote: "Using the trigger outside of the intended function may cause issues."



Manjeet  Randhawa

Dipti's scheme works fine for a question by question basis. 

I'd like the learner to answer a series of questions first - then, if they do not pass, they can go back to the start of the series of questions to take the entire quiz again. It seems that the questions do not reset in this scenario.  I am using Storyline 3 with update3.

Alyssa Gomez

Hi Rachel,

Thanks for sharing your file! I tested it in Storyline 360, and the "Retry" button on the results slide seems to be working correctly. When I clicked that button, it took me back to the first quiz slide, and I was able to select new answers.

Are you also using Storyline 360? If so, are you using the most recent update? You can check by going to Help >> About Storyline.