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Matthew Tan

Hi, regarding the reset quiz, need advice on the below.

Example: I have 3 quizzes, each quiz is in one scene as below:

Scene 1 (Quiz 1 with 1 question slide and 1 result slide). NO RETRY button but have default "Next and Prev" button at bottom right.

Scene 2 (Quiz 2 with 1 question  slide and 1 result slide). NO RETRY button but have default "Next and Prev" button at bottom right.

Scene 3 (Quiz 3 with 1 question slide and 1 result slide). NO RETRY button but have default "Next and Prev" button at bottom right.

Result wil be reset everytime when user enter the quiz questions. Meaning user can retake the quizzes as many time as they want. Capture of result to LMS is not required.

Also need to mention, I have the left navigation (menu) active as well. Therefore, user will be able to navigation from the "Next / Prev" on the bottom right and the default menu on the left.

Problem. I managed to "Reset result" when user click on the default "Next / Prev" button but when user click on the left menu navigation, result is not reset as trigger is not attached to it. So my question is, where can I attach a trigger to the default left navigation menu?

Please advice on the above. Thanks.

(Note: Putting "Reset results" trigger (when timeline starts) on the question page itself does not work. And at the slide properties, when revisiting is already set to "Reset to initial state")

Also I don't want to add another page as a trigger page. As I know by adding the "Reset results" trigger on an external page before jumping to the quizzes page can solve the issue above. But by adding a trigger page, it created a gap between the trigger page and the quiz page when loading, especially when the network is slow.


Lauren Connelly

Hello Matthew!

I'm happy to help! The Navigation Menu on the left slide of Storyline courses is customized by the Player. There aren't any triggers attached to the menu itself.

There are two ways to approach this:

First, you can remove slides from the Menu so that a user can't click on the previous or next slides.

Or, you can customize the menu to Restricted which means it's visible but a user can't click on the slides.

I bet others from the community have created a workaround for this! It might be helpful if you share the file, as well.

Matthew Tan

Thanks for the advice and sorry for the late reply, but I need both left and bottom navigation due to site design.

I have already restricted the left menu, so user will only go 1 scene at a time. But the issue still occur as the menu has hidden silde (the result slide).

Attached is a sample of my working file.

Step to get the error:

After select your avator > go to quiz 1 > check the option > click submit (you will get the result page)

If user click on "Prev" button (at the bottom right) to retry the quiz from quiz 1 result page, it will go back to quiz 1, no issue here.

If user click on the left navigation to retry the quiz from quiz 1 result page, you will notice the error page. (Meaning, quiz 1 is not clickable and bottom navigation menu all 3 buttons are shown)

Advice will be great to reslove it.. Thanks.

By the way, I am using Chrome to test.


Lauren Connelly

Hi Matthew!

Thank you for sharing the visuals! That was very helpful!

All we need to do is reset the checkmarks to "Normal" when the Timeline Starts on 2.1 U1T1. 

Here are the triggers I added to that slide to make sure they were clickable when the user returns to the slide:

I'll also attach the updated Story file!

Matthew Tan

Hi Lauren,

Thank you for your help, it work great with your suggestion.

But another issue come up after I update Storyline to the latest version (3.36.21289.0 dated Jan 28, 2020)

As you can see below, the "Next" button appear out of no where. In my working file, the "Next" button is not activated at all.

Note: The screen cap is after the step as discuss above.


Hello i´m trying to insert the replay for the incorrect answer to this flow i have created of quiz true/false , i have created an effect for the hearth  icon that is the incorrect answer , but i can´t get to insert the replay of the same slide when the user select the wrong answer ...

can you help me with suggestion on how to do this ?

thank you very much in advance ,


Leslie McKerchie

Hello Nicola and welcome to E-Learning Heroes :)

Thanks for contacting us to share what you would like to create with your .story project file and for sharing the file.

I'm not clear on what you are asking and each T/F slide looks like a different set-up.

  • Is there a specific slide that I can focus on?
  • What would you like to see:
    • When the user gets the answer wrong? (Feedback? Specific action?)
      • Are there any further attempts allowed?
    • When the user gets the answer right? (Feedback? Specific action?)

Thanks so much for the additional information so that we can help you going forward.


Dear Leslie,

Thank you for your reply.

Sorry if I was not be completely clear I will try to explain you with a
visual flow + screenshot :

1st the correct flow for all the quiz true/false is : Slides 1st :
HEARTH on left : rigth answer(true) , Slides 2nd : HEARTH broken on right
: rigth answer , Slides 3rd : HEARTH broken on right : rigth answer ,
Slides 4th : HEARTH on left : rigth answer(true) ; Slides 5th : HEARTH on
left : rigth answer(true).

When the user click on the CORRECT answer , the slide advance , and this is
working in the storyline activity I have given to you , what I ´don’t arrive
to obtain is when the user SELECT the NOT CORRECT ANSWER, if you notice I
have insert an effect of SWING if the user click the WRONG answer , but
after that I would like to REPLAY the same slide at the initial status in
order to give another chance to the user to select the GOOD ANSWER .

In short I need that the slide advance only if the user click the correct
answer .

Is this clear for you right now ?

Thanks to let me know .

Kind regards,


Lauren Connelly

Hi Nicola!

I'm happy to help!

When the user selects the incorrect answer they need another attempt so they can answer correctly.

Here's how to add another attempt so the user has two chances to choose the correct answer:

  • Go to Question Tools
  • Choose Attempts and select the number of chances they have to select the correct answer. 

Let me know if you have any questions!