Resizing the Browser at Course Launch

I'm designing a course to play alongside another application.  I want the course to be in a narrow browser window (275x650).  Those are the dimensions I've chosen for Story Size, and on the Player Properties menu, I've set the Browser size to "Resize to browser to optimal size" and the Player size to "Lock player at optimal size."  However, the browser window opens to full screen.

I want the course to look like this without the need for the learner to resize the course


What am I missing?

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Christie Pollick

Hi, Michael -- Thanks so much for your patience! I cannot see any issues with how the file is set, so I would like to get a 2nd opinion from our Support Engineers. I will go ahead and set you up in a case momentarily, and I will be sure to follow along with their progress so that I can share relevant updates here for others who may benefit. :)

Christie Pollick

Certainly, Michael! Your case #00812422 has now been created in our system and you should be receiving a confirmation shortly. If you do not receive it in a matter of minutes, please check your SPAM folder in case it was routed there in error, and definitely let us know if you'd happen to not receive it at all!