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Hi all,

I have a graphic that appears and disappears at different points during a video on a couple of my slide layers. They're cued with reference to the timeline rather than the clips, which isn't generally an issue because there are no seekbars, so the timings don't get out of sync. However, a 'replay' button appears at the end of the clip, with a trigger to restart the video. Since this doesn't restart the timeline, the synchronised pictures no longer appear at the right point.

Any thoughts on a good workaround?


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Nelson Rokke

Hi Tamara,

Have you tried adjusting the options in the slide properties dialog box for the base layer?

I would recommend trying this:

  1. Click the gear icon for the base layer to open the slide properties
  2. Change the "When revisiting" option to "reset to initial state"

You might have to do the same thing for each of the slide layers:

  1. Click the gear icon next to each slide layer
  2. Change the "Revisits" option to "reset to initial state"

Hope this works for you! 


Tamara Muroiwa

Hi Nelson,

Thanks for the suggestion (had tried changing the slide layer settings, but not the base layer...). Sadly for the 'replay' button this doesn't work - I guess because I'm not 'revisiting' the layer, having not clicked out of it. It should still be useful to ensure the pictures come up when users click between layers, though!

Was trying to avoid having lots of variables, but may have to resort to experimenting with them, after all!

Thanks again


Rene R


Not sure if this suits your needs as I don't have any cued graphics, but I had a similar situation.

I'm using Storyline 1 and have multiple layers, each with different videos. I wanted to give learners the chance to restart the videos, but it's not built into Storyline. So in addition to the buttons I added for stop (which I triggered with "close layer"), and the built-in pause and play, I added a replay button/icon and added two triggers to it: the first was "hide layer when user clicks" and the second was "show layer when user clicks" in that sequence order. (This builds on Nelson's suggestion above as you do need to have the layers set to "reset to initial state" upon revisit.)

This enabled me to keep my learners on the same layer while giving them the freedom to restart the video.