Retesting Missed Questions

For many of our courses we are asked to retest only missed questions for the assessments. One of the challenges that we have with Storyline is that the question functionality does not make it easy to track the responses to individual questions in order to support this request.

Because of the members of this community I have been able to take advantage of some great examples that have been shared which has enabled me to come up with a prototype solution to the retesting of missed questions. The prototype does not use the quiz features of Storyline but instead makes use of triggers, variables and buttons to allow me to build my own questions. While I have not been able to replicate all of the question options in Storyline I have been able to reproduce most of them.

I wanted to share what I have built to get feedback and any suggestions on how to improve this. I did test this with our LMS and I can report score/completion successfully.

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