Saving a slide as a template

Hi there. I cannot seem to find a solution to this situation, or if there even is one: I have created a course in Storyline. In this course, I have a few great knowledge check slides and a versatile slide covering how to navigate the course. I would like to re-use these slides in other courses. Can I save each of these slides as individual templates? And if so, how would I drop them into a project? Something that tells me this is not possible is that I don't see anything under "Insert" that would allow me to do this.

I know I can open both courses and copy and paste the slide from one project to another - I was just looking for another way.

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Jerry Beaucaire

Use the FILE > IMPORT > STORYLINE option.

Select a story that has the slides in them, UNSELECT all the slides, then select just the slides you want to bring into your current story.


So, you could gather all of these reusable slides into a single "resource" story, then store that in an easy to find location for Import. 

Jerry Beaucaire

That is always an option, copying slides from one instance of SL into another.

But the IMPORT tool let's do that without opening the other story completely.


  2. Select the story you want to open
  3. The wizard will present a thumbnail of all the slides in the selected story with all of them already selected.  If you want them all, just click IMPORT.

    But if you want a select few, click on NONE to deselect them all.
  4. Lastly, click the slide(s) you do want to highlight them, then click IMPORT.