Screen capture quality poor

I am trying to get my screen captures to display with better clarity.  I've established a standard size capture so that there are no "jumps" from scene to scene, but the quality is poor.

I use SNAG IT for still captures in addition to the Screen Captures and both are pixilated and look bad in Storyline.  Is there a trick to this that I don't know?

I tried adjusting the Story Size - thought maybe Fill Background would cause the images not to compress, but it doesn't "take."  What I mean by that is I change the radio button to Fill Background and hit O.K., but it defaults back to Scale to Fit.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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Christine Hendrickson

Hi there Susan and welcome!

Are you referring to screenshots or screen recordings? Also, it sounds like this is happening in the slide itself, and not after publishing, correct?

If it is happening after publishing, check your publish quality settings (available from any of the publishing options):

If this is happening within your slide, however, it may be that your recordings are scaling down. This usually happens when you insert into an existing project that has a Story Size different from your recording size. 

Try opening Storyline and selecting the option to "Record Screen" from the start page. 

Create a test recording and then insert into Storyline. 

By using this option, your Story Size should match that of the resolution you used to create the recording. 

Hopefully one of these options will help with the quality of the recordings. If not, please let us know.


Colin Craig

I'm quite disappointed with the poor quality of screen capture video.  Even with the settings maxed out for publishing the video I capture from my screen, the video quality is terrible.  I have to use another program to capture the video, then insert into Storyline.

It looks like I'm moving back to Captivate for all my software training projects.  :(