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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Jyothi,

Sorry, I'm a bit confused with your question - Are you looking for the largest size the screen could be or the limit for a screen recording? 

A screen recording, can be up to two hours. 

The screen size (or story size) is a default of 720x540 (4:3) and you can change it by going to the Design tab -> Story size in the far left side. Depending on how you're viewing the content, there may be an optimal size, and this thread includes a lot of discussion around sizing based on how you plan on viewing the content and the amount of screen real estate you want to use. 

Duane Knudsen

Hi Ashley, thanks for the link to the thread. I may have a similar inquiry but it does not relate to output for iPad. I'm interested in screen recording and best practices with resolution.

Does it make a difference when doing a screen recording to ensure that the resolution is first set to what most workstations use, then also match that with the Storyline project size? The default on my system is 1440x900. But it seems that when I publish a recording it is pretty tough for learners to see unless I were to implement a constant zoom region (which I'd rather not do). I've played with my Story size and different publishing outputs, if the recording is using my default resolution the end product is almost unusable.


-Recording a full screen application.

-Publishing with highest quality settings for both video and image.

-Player settings only include volume, seekbar, prev & next (no menu, title, etc to maximize published project visually).

-Publish to launch in a new window with no browser controls (again, to maximize visually).

It seems like changing system resolution to maybe 1024x768 prior to recording may be the best way to go, but interested to see what others have settled on for best practice.

Thanks, Duane

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Duane and welcome to Heroes! 

I've seen alot of discussions around this, and it generally seems to be linked to determining how your users are going to interact with the screen recording, and setting the resolution based on that instead of what your settings are. I was just reminded (in my reading of other articles) that the  largest screen recording size that is supported is 2046 by 2046 pixels. So you can see that there is a wide range. Storyline has the default set at 720x540 as that is a fairly standard size. 

Other ideas about locking the player size, and checking the scaling of the browser window were in this thread.  I haven't tested myself all the different sizes or screen resolutions - but the community will likely have other suggestions.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Jyothi,

The largest (number) size you could make the story size (which changes the screen look) would be 2047x2047, so the screen recording size fits just inside. If you play around with the Custom "Story size" from the "Design" tab you'll see how that ends up looking and be able to determine a size that works best for you. Be sure to check it in Preview/Publish so that you'll see how everything displays for your users.