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Christine Hendrickson

Hi Laura. Welcome to E-Learning Heroes!

There are a couple of options for this. You can modify how the course is viewed entirely, or allow the user to adjust the size themselves. 

You can adjust these settings under "Player", "Player Properties" and "Other". Under "Browser Settings" the "Resize to fill screen" is one setting to consider. You may also want to try out the setting under "Player size" for "Scale to fill browser window". 

In addition to those options, if you're not already launching the course in a new window, you can also select the option for "Launch player in new window" and include the option to "Allow user to resize browser". 

It's definitely worth trying out some or all of these options to see which will work best for your course and your learners. If you have any questions, please let me know.


Peter Anderson

Welcome to the community, Laura!

There's no built-in way to toggle the screen size while viewing a course. You can change the browser settings when a course is launched, if you'd like. 

For an unsupported solution, you might find this thread helpful.

Let us know if that helps, Laura, and welcome again