Section Progress Bar


I need to create a Slide that introduces the user to the different sections of a module where they can choose a section to complete either in order or free choice. I have been asked if I can create it so that the user can see visually their current progress in each section if they leave and then return.

Is this possible?

I have created a mock-up in Illustrator to give an idea of what I need to achieve.

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Ren Gomez

Hi Darren,

One of our community managers, Allison, shared this template on creating a visual progress meter and shares how to create one for yourself!

Also, there was a challenge a while back that revolved around progress bars. You may want to have a look and see if any of those options can work for your module. Hope this helps!

Darren McNeill

Thanks. I took a look and nothing really there to help apart from the default progress bar work around. The only option that seems to apply is to create a progress bar based on a scene completion but it only works within a scene and not outside it so I need to sit back and think a bit.