Seek bar has no effect on video when choosing "When Clicked" with Video controls


I have a video inserted into a slide.

Play Video: When Clicked                                                                                                Show Video Controls: Below Video

When I test the video in Preview mode the video plays when clicked, but clicking anywhere on the seekbar has no effect on the video at all.

Am I doing something wrong?

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Daniel Gavriliuc

Hello Darren, 

I think that with Video Controls: Below Video the player seekbar become independent. 

Anyway if you pause the video clicking on it or with trigger "pause media" the player seekbar continues to advance even if the media is paused. 


Try to:

- uncheck the Video Controls: Below Video

- put a transparent shape on the top of the video (same width and height of the video)

- triggers: - pause timeline > this slide > when timeline starts > this slide

                  - resume timeline > this slide > when user click > the transparent shape.