Select and move multiple Items in Tab order

Hello :)

While working on screen reader compatible courses,  arranging multiple elements on a screen  in the tab order seems tedious, specially while sorting multiple elements of related content. 

E.g., Button 1  on screen > brings up layer 1 (which has some 4 elements - title, text box, image, close button). In total, there are 5 elements to be sorted in the tab order.     

If the number of buttons on screen is more (10), then the sorting becomes tedious with each click (10*5=50).

Can you suggest if there an option to select the all the related/multiple elements in tab order  (in this case button 1) and move them together?

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Matthew Bibby

The current tab order window is very limiting. 

One thing I do is set up all of my master slides first (including layers for resources, menus etc.) Then I get the tab order correct for the first slide, including all of the objects on the slide masters.

Next, I start developing the course, but rather than insert new blank slides, I duplicate the initial slide as I know the tab order is right. 

So as I develop each slide, I can quickly adjust the tab order for the objects unique to that slide, with the rest of it already taken care of.

And with things like menus... know that you may need to add new items late in the development process. This can be very frustrating as it would involve adjusting the tab order on every slide. So when developing the menu, you can have some placeholder objects set up in the right tab order and then just hide them until you potentially need them.

Kiran K

Thanks Matthew! It sounds good 😊👍🏻. Unfortunately, in this case, every single slide is different with its set of new items. There’s not much scope to reuse the slides that were sorted earlier. 

For now, sorting objects in each group as they are created. One group at a time - create objects, sort them..and create the next group. 

Matthew Bibby

Inconsiderate user interfaces, like the focus order window, should be outlawed.

I've had RSI for over a decade. Setting the focus order literally causes me pain.

Yesterday I had to adjust the focus order for a relatively simple course. It was built with accessibility in mind, so a lot of the focus order was preset and duplicated. Yet, it still took me almost 10 minutes to drag stuff around in that window.

And no, I don't mean for the whole course, but for each slide!

So here I am, in a fancy ergonomic chair, at a fancy ergonomic desk, using a vertical mouse while wearing arthritis gloves, dragging stuff around in that stupid little window for a couple of hours. I have to take time out to rest my hands and do stretches so that I don't damage them further.

There are many ways that this could be improved. Obvious stuff like allowing us to select multiple items, allowing us to set a focus order for a master slide and have it carry over to slides that use that. You could make the focus order window bigger and increase the scroll speed. You could add a text box next to each object where we can enter a number that shows how it should be ordered. Or let us export a CSV where I can rearrange things and then import it back into Storyline. 


Natalia Martin

Hi Alyssa: 

I'm new to Storyline 360 and trying to find a way to select multiple items to create a costume focus order still doesn't seem like an option as other users reported. this is a very tedious and time consuming process. Is there an update on this feature becoming available? 

Thank you,