Self-assessment quiz

Hello! I have created a "Self-assessment" interaction.  The learner selects an option for each question, and each question gets assigned a numerical variable.  These numerical variables get added to a  total score.  It works if the user doesn't change his/her mind about a question. My problem is that, when a user changes his/her mind about an answer, the previous value that they had chosen stays added to the "TotalScore".  For example, if they choose the middle option for the 6 questions (adding up to 6 points) and then change their mind on one and choose the 
"Yes" option for a question, their score ends up being 8 instead of 7. Any ideas on how to fix? Thanks!

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Steve  Galway

Yep - that's the problem. If you move the total score calculation to the 'submit' button rather than calculating it as the question scores change then I think it behaves as you want. I'm assuming you have no need for the score to be tracked as they click each individual response?

See attached