Setting Triggers on Any Layer from Any Layer?

So I noticed you can now set Triggers on all objects on all slide layers regardless of what layer you are on.

I'm guessing (which is why I'm here actually asking) that it's just a workflow thing. If you know that you need to add a trigger to non-slide-layer-you-are-currently-on, this keeps you from having to stop your work flow to go to that layer and add a trigger to something on that layer?

Triggers on Other Layers



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Ben Sewell

I'd sometimes use this if I was on the base layer and needed to mark something as completed on an overlay(er).

Maybe I'd watched a video on the base layer and when I bring the layer overlay back I want to see that the video has been watched (added a tick when media completed) and brought in a call to action (as before).

I'd be interested to hear what others use it for.