Should we build templates for Storyline 1 or Storyline 2?


I was wondering if Storyline 1 is still widely used, or most of the users have upgraded to Storyline 2 already? Couldn't find any official data. 

My company is building e-learning templates and we have been working with Lectora for a while and during last year have started working also with Storyline, we are now planning next batch of interactive test template layouts for Storyline, which are easier to build with SL2, but if many still use SL1, I guess we need to stick to that? Do you have any data or gut feeling if many people still use SL1, because as I see upgrade is not free. 

Thanks in advance :)


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Karlis Sprogis

Thank you Leslie for the answer. We will do just that. Btw is there an option to showcase templates that are available for purchase? Our template packages, that consist of 20-40 templates cost 19$, so not very expensive, but not free either, I was wondering if there is a space I could let others know about this opportunity, without becoming a spammer? :)

Karlis Sprogis

Hi Leslie, thank you for the info, I am totally for keeping community free from spam and advertising. We have a few freebies, and we will have some more in the upcoming weeks, is it possible to share them with the community? and if yes how can I do that?

Btw I am super positively surprised by the level of this community forum, this is amazing :). 

Leslie McKerchie

Yes, if you have freebies you are welcome to share them here. You can start a thread if you wish or share on a relative thread as well. Your activity level, interaction, level of assistance, and contribution is 'watched' and that's how super heroes are formed and items get 'featured'.

Thanks for understanding and I look forward to seeing you around.