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Emily Ruby

Hello Chris!

You can  set the notes tab up slide by slide, but this will be from the course side, not user activated. They can choose to open the notes tab in the menu.

Click on the gear icon on each slide and you can change the slide properties. Under Player features, use the custom for selected slides, and add or deselect the notes tab.

Also, here is some information on how to do a closed captioning for your course, which may work for you.

I am sure other members of the community will add any other ideas for subtitles as well, and you can check out this thread as well.

Chris  Simonsen

Thanks Emilyl, I would have had to search for it on another PC.  Cheryl for a quick turnaround I also duped the course as a separate chapter and manually applied the slide notes feature to all of those slides.  Then I made a main slide with options for CC or no. CC which let to those chapters.  But they CC template works great if you have the time.