SL1 restart timeline workaround

Just sharing a quick tip on something that saved me a lot of time. The course I'm currently working on has a layer with a video and images which appear at points on the timeline to match what's happening in the video. There is a replay button that triggers the video to replay, but this doesn't affect the images, which are all still visible on the slide. I wanted to replay the whole slide so that the images disappear and reappear at the appropriate time, but there is no trigger for restarting the timeline.


I was envisaging a lot of messing about with variables, states and hidden second versions of the images, while trying not to over-complicate matters. However in the end I duplicated the entire layer, setting the replay button to show the copy layer. I then set the replay button on the copy layer to show the original layer, so the two identical layers toggle back and forth between each other as often as the user hits replay, starting from the beginning of the timeline each time. So much simpler.


Perhaps there's an even simpler solution, or maybe this is what most people would have done anyway...but I hadn't thought of it before so thought I'd share in case of use to someone else!

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