SL2 - Anyone know of a drag drop example i can follow?

First time using drag and drops -  perhaps because is late Friday afternoon - but I'm missing something probably right in front of me...

I have a drag drop slide - i have matched the targets to the items but its not working???

What would i set to re-set the slides if they are incorrect guesses?

still new at all of this and our quizzes have not been exciting

I have a simple statement and the user will drop the correct word on the statement... there is one question that will have 4 words dropped on it but that's it... doesn't seem too difficult but for today this is for me.

Thank you in advance - Have a wonderful weekend!!

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Bo Toennesen

Hi Christina

Try this link and type "Drag and drop" and a fantastic world of posibilities is open for you. This link is the best way to always find what you need.

Remember to speek abot what version you work with AS1 or AS2, so it is more easy to help you

May the spirit be with you