SL2 Survey Interactions not posted to SCORM LMS

First time for everything.  I wrote a mockup SL2 course with 3 survey slides.

Installed the course on two different SCORM 2004 3RD edition compliant LMS. 

Analyzing the SCORM trace provided by each LMS, I can't find the learners results posted to the LMS. The course is marked "passed", no survey results sent to the LMS.

Am I doing something wrong or are survey question not supported for SCORM?

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Sam Carter

Yes, I did test it in SCORM cloud with a variety of survey questions.  I tried a course with and without a "Quiz Result" slide (do ungraded survey questions require a quiz result slide?)  In my survey questions, there is no right or wrong.  These survey questions are about gathering feedback.

I've attached the test .story file.  Perhaps I've done something wrong.



Sam Carter
Leslie McKerchie

The data should be sent, but it's up to the individual LMS as to how this is handled/reported.

Hi Leslie - the snapshot I got from the SCORM cloud trace doesn't show any of the survey data being sent to the LMS.

Here's a link to the trace. There's the usual suspend data and more, but no SetValues of any survey data that I can see.

Sam Carter

Thanks Leslie, I'll try that out. I suppose having a result slide as part of the completion is a way to ensure the Learner has responded to all the survey questions.

I noticed there's a drop-down for "Calculate results for:" 

  1. Selected Questions (this is what I've used previously)
  2. Selected Results Slides

Do you have a link to explain the versatility of the second option?  I assume it allows me to provide multiple quizzes and average together results? Is this useful to combine results for a quiz and survey into a single completion criteria?


Emily Ruby

Hello Sam!

Using the : Selected Results Slides allows you to combine more than one result slide into a single cumulative result.

It would be up to you if you needed a final score from only one quiz within the course, or if you wanted a final grade from several quizzes within the course.

Here is some more information.

Victoria Sublette

I want to have some survey feedback, but no grading in my course. I noticed in Litmos there was no tracking. I, too, have tracked it by number of slides.

Am I understanding correctly that I have to have a result slide for the results to be tracked in Litmos? And how does a result slide for a survey work? Do you just confirm that you received their feedback? Any suggestions?

Alyssa Gomez

Hey Victoria,

You got it! Insert a Survey Results Slide and include all the survey questions you want reported to the LMS. A Survey Results Slide is ungraded and simply thanks the learner for completing the survey. Here's a few articles to help you out:

Hope this helps you get going in the right direction. Let me know if you have additional questions, and good luck!

Tim Burns

So you have to set tracking to slides viewed or a results slide... what if you want to provide an optional survey/feedback form at the end?  I have my course setup with a conclusion slide that contains an Exit button and a Take Survey button.  Right now have tracking set up to only require the total # of slides - # survey slides (hence making them optional).  However, as noted above this prevents the survey questions from being submitted to the LMS.  Surely there must a way to accomplish this.

Ren Gomez

Hi Tim,

Thanks for reaching out! While there's not a way to track both by slides viewed and a results slide, you can try using the Survey Results slide as recommended by Alyssa above.

If the survey question is optional, you can instruct the learner to respond to the question with an "N/A", which at least triggers a submission so that the course can complete!