Slide layers and Section 508 accessibility

I'm wrestling with Section 508 compliance. I understand how to make objects visible (or not) to accessibility tools, as well as how the Tab key navigates through visible objects from top left to bottom right on a slide. Is there a way to configure a Storyline slide so that the focus moves to a layer when a learner, using the keyboard, tabs to and presses Enter to use a button (on the base layer) that shows the new layer? (I hope this makes sense.)

What happens now is that when I tab to a button on the base layer and press Enter, the new layer is displayed, but the Tab key continues moving through the visible objects remaining on the base layer BEFORE jumping to the new layer.


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Steve Flowers

Hi Patrice,

This is odd default behavior, isn't it? Fortunately, there's a way to make those objects on the base layer no longer tab selectable when a layer is open. In layer properties, under Base Layer, select "Prevent the user from clicking on the base layer". This will make only the objects in the layer "tabbable" until the layer is closed.

Patrice Sigmon

That would work in some cases.

Things are complicated because I'm using a custom layout (no standard Player controls) that includes a number of buttons on the base layer I'd like the learner to be able to click even when a "higher" layer is open. I could reproduce the buttons on the new layer, but I was hoping to avoid that.

Food for thought - thanks, Steve!