Slide View does not display

I have lost my slide viewer. It happened once earlier this morning. I saved and closed the file. (Articulate 360). When I re-opened the file, the slide viewer restored. However, it happened again a couple hours later. I saved and closed, but now it does not display. Any thoughts? I used the scroll bars to search as well as adjusted the overall size. As you can see in the screenshot, everything is there - it's just as if the slide viewer itself has disappeared!

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Lori,

Is it only slide 1.2 Demo that isn't displaying or any of the slides? 

I'd also want to have you check that you're working on local project files, as working off a network/shared drive is known to cause odd behavior ultimately leading to corruption. 

Can you also try importing this project into a new Storyline project following the steps outlined here?