Slider Interaction


I have a slider interaction. I have attached the file. What I need to achieve is, when the learner drags the slider as shown in the base layer (The choice 3.1) the learner drags the slider slowly along the track, the layer Belgen should wipe in. Also as the slider is dragged along the track to the left, the base layer should appear like as if the belgen layer wipped off to show the base layer. In the SL file, Sc2 is just my various attempt to create the effect but unsuccessful.

In support of my above query, I am also adding a .flv to show you what I want to achieve.



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Brian Allen

That's pretty close... I'd recommend setting the background as a static image on the base layer, so (for example) in the first scene on  your layers you'd only have your characters and callouts.

Don't try to move/animate the background. I think it would make the effect look much more seamless.

Anand Morab

Hi Brian,

Hmm...but if you see in the video, the entire image wipes off slowly to reveal the new image in my case if I keep only the callouts and character in the layers that effect wouldn't happen.

In the sample file attached - there are 2 slides done differently. Pls, check.