Slider steps - Mobile vs. Desktop

I'm designing a game for mobile devices.  When the player answers a question correctly, a slider moves one step.

When I preview the game on a desktop/laptop and play the published file in a browser, the steps land exactly where I want and expect.  However, when I play the game on a mobile device, step 1 is much further up the slider scale when compared to the non-mobile view.  This then throws of the remainder of the steps/positioning.

What could cause that?  Is there a way to make the behavior identical?

I've even tried redesigning the game to be played in portrait mode, thinking it was a real estate issue.

I see this behavior on an iPhone 5c and iPhone 6.  I've not tested it on other devices.

Screen shots attached.


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Michael Palko

Thanks for the quick reply and willingness to take a look, Ali!

The lanscape version is more fully baked.  I made some changes to the portrait version just to see if the slider position made a difference, but I didn't update all of the slides.

You'll be able to see the difference after answering the first question correctly.

Both are attached.

Ali Goulet

Thanks so much for sharing your file with me, Michael. I have to say, that was a lot of fun to test! And now I know a bit of Duke trivia 😉.

I'm seeing the same thing happen when testing your files. You're right, it's limited to the HTML5 output.

I'm reporting this to our team, and we'll continue to keep an eye on it to see how many customers are impacted and what impact it has on courses. The number of customers and depth of impact are two of the elements that help us prioritize bugs and fixes. 

Here's some more detail about how we tackle bugs.

I'm really sorry that I can't say if or when this issue will be fixed but you're in the right place to stay updated on this bug's progress.

Thanks again for letting us know about this, and I'm sorry it's caused you some headaches here! Definitely an odd one.