Sliders and the paralax effect

I took a peak at the on demand course on sliders and the paralax effect, and I am having trouble doing what Tom Kuhlman is doing in his demo.

If I connect the three sliders to the same variable, I can't give the sliders different ranges, only different steps.

The story is that a mouse sees cheese, runs to get it, and the cat chases and misses. So, I set the range to 60 - 100 on the cheese, so that it'll start moving with the mouse from then. But when I do that, then the two other sliders also get that range, and if I change those back, then the cheese starts with the two others. 
Help? I'd like to understand what I'm doing wrong - or if there's something wrong in Storyline! I'm on the latest version of 360.

Here's the tiny little course:

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